The Employee Empowerment Institute is dedicated to supporting the American worker by developing and distributing information that will enhance their ability to increase their personal empowerment and avoid being taken advantage of because they don't know their rights.

Instead of just relying on management, human resources departments, unions or ombudspersons to empower workers to manage their work-life experience, we encourage them to take control of their careers and assume that responsibility!  By doing so, they will operate in their best interest and the best long-term interest of their organization.

Welcome to the Employee Empowerment Institute, where we advocate on behalf of workers;
for their benefit, the benefit of their organizations and U. S. commerce.  Our message is
disseminated through a number of different methods:

The Water Cooler, Blog Talk Radio Show
Speaking engagements
Print publishing

Our message is not intended to incite; only to inform and empower workers to become the best they can be, and by doing so; achieve a higher level of productivity, job satisfaction and career advancement.  A byproduct of employee empowerment is to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the workers' respective organizations. 

Employee empowerment theory postulates that if employees are informed and free to behave in a less encumbered manner, they are enabled to carry-out their job responsibilities more effectively and efficiently.  When employees understand the vision, mission and goals; are trained; are given decision-making authority and are provided an environment relatively free of punitive consequences for making a mistake; they will demonstrate more responsibility, accountability, initiative and risk-taking .  Thomas and Velthouse, defined the concept of empowerment as increased individual motivation at work through the delegation of authority to the lowest level in an organization where a competent decision can be made.

The empowerment concept has been tested over the last 30 plus years and has been proven to have significant predictive value.   

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litigated labor issue in the U. S.  Is your position properly classified?

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