On the job, the water cooler, break room or lunch room is where
employees traditionally gather to discuss the work issues of the
day.   Our show, ‘The Water Cooler’, improves on this cathartic
ritual by  adding a knowledgeable discussion facilitator and
expanding the venue to include the Internet community.  We are
dedicated to supporting the American worker by developing and
distributing information that will enhance their ability to 'become
all they can be' in their work environment and avoid being taken
advantage of because they don't know their rights.

Become More Self-reliant

Instead of relying on management, human resources departments,
unions or ombudspersons to empower workers to manage their
work-life experience, we encourage them to assume that
responsibility!  By doing so, they will operate in their best interest and
the best long-term interests of their organization.

Tradition Workforce Advocates are Becoming Less Effective

Many traditional workforce advocates have been compromised

For all of these reasons and more, often workers don’t have a readily accessible source for
objective, unbiased lhuman resources information;  consequently, we are seeing more of the following:

So, stop by the ‘Water Cooler’ for self-development, to vent, question, get informed, disagree or just be entertained by the discussion.

The Water Cooler Talk Show
Click the following link to listen to the most recently archieved, The Water Cooler' radio talk show.  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/pierre-towns

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